Introducing imgdojo.com, an online image optimization tool that utilizes advanced optimization and lossy compression algorithms to reduce the size of your JPEG, GIF, and PNG images while maintaining the desired level of quality.

With imgdojo.com, you can upload up to 20 images and wait for the compression process to finish. You can adjust the quality settings by clicking on the thumbnails in the queue and using the slider to control the compression level. You can also compare images using mouse or gestures.

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Image Compression

Compression refers to the process of encoding information using fewer bits than the original file. There are two types of compression: lossless and lossy. Our tool uses lossy compression, which removes excessive or unimportant bits from the original file to reduce the file size. The amount of quality loss depends on how much compression you choose.

Why Use imgdojo.com?

Large image files from sources such as professional cameras or smartphones can take up a lot of storage space. Compressing these images can help free up more internal storage and allow you to take more photos.

How It Works

imgdojo.com intelligently analyzes your uploaded images and reduces them to the smallest possible file size without sacrificing quality. You can upload up to 20 images of different file types at once, and our server will automatically parse them.

To get started, click the “Upload Files” button and select the images you want to compress. Once uploaded, you will see thumbnails for all your images in the queue, and you can monitor their real-time progress as our server analyzes them.

To adjust the quality settings, click on the thumbnail of the image you want to tweak, move the quality slider up or down, and hit the “APPLY” button when you are satisfied. You can repeat this process for each image.

When you are ready, click the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button to download a ZIP file with all your compressed images. If you don’t need all of them, you can download each one individually by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button under each thumbnail. To start a new batch, click the “CLEAR QUEUE” button.

Is It Safe?

Your original files will stay untouched on your system, and our server purges all data after one hour. You can use imgdojo.com as many times as needed without cost.